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Casey Grayton

Casey started playing the bass because his father Bootsy Callins was always playing the bass around the house. His dad taught him how to play not only the funk but the whole funk and nothing but the funk. This came in quit handy because of Casey’s range musically he was able to play in many bands around town. He most loved playing with a little band called the White Stripes. They rocked all over Detroit until there was no stone unturned. The White Stripes still have not recovered from his amazing bass. After his stint with the White Stripes Casey met Skippy and decided to play in his band. Little did he know the connection he was about to make. It was undeniable and it was indefinable. The sound they created would later be known as rock and roll. Most people don’t know that TBA invented rock and roll because they didn’t invent rock and roll but they did play rock and roll real loud so some people thought that they must have.