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Haley Hoop

Haley has always been a singer. So much so that when he was still in his mother’s womb he could sing so loud that it would seem like it was coming out of her mouth. Most people thought she had a great voice but she really didn’t because it was really Haleys coming from her belly. Haley started actually as an opera singer. He got to sing with the likes of Pavarotti but he never cared for it too much. He liked much more the wild singing he heard on the radio. He soon ditched the opera and began singing in rock bands. He can hit notes when he sings that have been known to shatter glass. His amazing voice finally came into its own when he joined TBA. The connection was right off the bat and they hit a home run. Together he completed the package and rode on the musical wave that his band mates created. Hanging ten into rock superstardom.