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To Be Announced is usually the title given to a band that has yet to come up with a clever name. But in this case we have an exception to the rule because this is the clever name of a rock band that is more clever than clever. Forged in the era of hair bands when rock reigned supreme, TBA creates a sound where the ethereal coexists with leather, eyeliner, and metal riffs that will literally bring the house down on top of your head. This is not music for those that are not accustomed to a little ear bleeding. Nor is this music for those who are afraid to cry when they hear music so glorious all you can do is fight back tears. This is music for people ready to take a leap of faith into a sonic world enchanted by dazzling melodies, mesmerizing rhythms, soul saving grooves, and angelic crooning.

TBA emerged on the scene to critical acclaim in late 1985. The band is a four piece consisting of Alfy Sperling on guitar, Casey Grayton on bass, Skippy Shadowleaf on drums, and Haley Hoop on vocals. The boys grew up together in the cultural epicenter of Dayton Ohio. Although Dayton had so much to offer them they still had not found what they were looking for. They wanted to become rich and famous doing the least work making the most money while getting all the girls. So the only reasonable conclusion was to form a band. When the decision was made they headed into the garage to hone their sound like all great bands do. They rocked the rock beyond the rock into a sculpted rock that could no longer be simply called a rock because it was now a work of art. When the time was right TBA came out of the garage and into the spotlight. After playing only a handful of local shows the buzz was loud enough for them to get signed to a local label. The band then began to tour from state to state making converts wherever they played. It didn’t take long before major labels were knocking at their door. TBA signed with Island records and put out their first full length album simply titled awesomeness. The album quickly moved up the charts and shot them into super stardom. They toured the world getting rich and famous doing the least work making the most money while getting all the girls. The fantasy was a reality. TBA has continued to put out quality albums followed by spectacular shows. The future looks bright for TBA, so bright in fact that we can’t really see where we’re going. Nonetheless be assured that as long as TBA is rocking the death of rock and roll will perpetually remain To Be Announced.